IT Performance Optimization, Site Reliability & Outage Avoidance
for Telecoms, Data Centers & Enterprises

Optimize your tech development & operations and make your production environment reliable, agile, & quick with Sphaera’s well-defined IT performance optimization, site reliability and outage avoidance offerings.

With cloud migrations, enterprises are delivering applications on cloud, on-premise and/or hybrid environments. IT performance optimization is critical for their service delivery to be reliable at varying loads and peak conditions. At the same time, network service providers are aggressively deploying new fiber and 5G wireless throughout their networks, the activity of which can often impact network reliability and performance.

Sphaera supports network service providers, data centers and enterprises in service delivery by minimizing infrastructure-related outages by ensuring resilience in both the physical and logical layers. We offer a single point of contact, full lifecycle expertise and in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices.
With cloud migrations and the industry wide shift to SaaS, enterprises are delivering their applications on cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments. It is critical for their service delivery to be reliable at varying loads and peak conditions. At the same time, network services providers are operating in highly competitive environments with rapid deployment of networks and infrastructure while striving for coverage and network performance.

Sphaera allows network service providers, data centers, and enterprises to deliver services that are reliable, fast, and agile by minimizing outages, improving application resiliency, and providing site reliability for increased customer satisfaction and returns on investment. We offer a single point of contact, full lifecycle expertise, and hands-on knowledge of industry standards, regulations, and qualifications.
Site Reliability
IT Performance Management

From critical infrastructure systems performance tuning, including generator fuel conditioning and power system backups (UPS & battery strings) to software systems (networks, databases & application) performance tuning, Sphaera offers enterprises a process-driven solution that includes proactively assessing systems needs based on demand, client expectations and changing technologies, defining key metrics to measure performance effectively, improving systems performance, and finally identifying problem areas that need further investment.

Monitoring & Outage Avoidance

Sphaera’s team monitors IT systems, reports on outages, and provides incidence responses ensuring that your critical infrastructure and software systems are resilient, agile, and optimized for speed. Sphaera goes beyond monitoring and reporting outages. Our engineers have years of experience in database and production systems management and are well-equipped to provide resolutions to system outages. Talk to us if you are looking for expertise in production and SaaS systems monitoring & outage avoidance.

Site Reliability Engineering

Our site reliability engineers involve groups of highly trained individuals with years of experience and expertise in software development & operations, who work with your team to automate and enhance IT operational functions, such as disaster response, capacity planning, and monitoring, thereby enhancing system agility, availability and reliability. Our SREs also provide visibility to the health and performance of services across all applications and infrastructure to help with prioritization and resolution.

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We provide design, engineering, and solution implementation to optimize your existing telecom infrastructure and maximize investment value.

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We help data centers maintain the highest level of quality, reliability, and performance as they service their customers in colocation or cloud environments.

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Whether moving to or from the cloud, decommissioning a data center, or optimizing performance, Sphaera can be trusted to deliver best-in-class services.

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Sphaera decommissioned a 7,500 sq ft. colocation suite for a Silicon Valley customer who was migrating to Azure, which involved removal of 17,000 discreet assests, certified data destruction, international transportation logistics & asset value recovery.
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