Site Reliability Engineering

Sphaera's Site Reliability Engineering Services help you proactively build and maintain reliable, scalable, and agile applications.

With the growth of cloud migration and SaaS applications, the nature of software development has irrevocably changed. Development and operations are now integrated into the discipline of DevOps that uses agile technologies and pre-defined development best practices to ensure rapid development of apps and features that are resilient. In this environment, our site reliability engineers (SREs) can provide you with ultra scalability and speed in your production environment, while ensuring robust and resilient operations.

As part of our Site Reliability Engineering Services, we provide: 

 Systems assessment & systems design to allow for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), optimized onboarding of customers, streamlined incidence management, fault resiliency, standardized workforce, and automated testing.

 Process automation in a phased manner based on the maturity levels of existing development & infrastructure systems.

Pre-emptive incidence management and reporting using cognitive and AI algorithms. 

Systems support to help migrate workloads, diagnose and provide resolutions in real-time and provide automated reports.

Design environments set for maximum resources availability, continuous build and deploy, self-correction and cost optimization.


Why Sphaera?

With proven experience and expertise in critical and IT infrastructure management, Sphaera is a trusted partner in the provision of systems optimization for outage avoidance, fault tolerant performance, and reliable service provision. Our expertise ranges from enterprise SaaS application engineering, operations for 24x7 performance, and troubleshooting and fine-tuning SaaS applications.

Founded by a team of data center operators who struggled to find external support beyond the limited ‘smart/remote hands’ services offered by the facilities providers, we leverage our years of senior-level leadership and expertise in operations, technology, and critical infrastructure, to provide world-class critical & IT infrastructure performance optimization.

Our staff holds all relevant industry credentials to provide peace of mind - BICSI (Data Center), NAID (Data Destruction), CFOT (Fiber) as well as being a licensed & bonded General & Electrical Contractor, and employing Electrical, Structural and Mechanical Professional Engineers. We also self-perform, meaning you will not be dependant on third-party subcontractors to perform the work. You can be assured of reliability and quality provided by our highly-experienced, certified, and in-house skilled personnel.

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