Read How Sphaera, Inc. Completes Facility Decom, Relocation & Custom Build-out Project in Portland, OR

Sphaera Decommissions a 80,000 sq. ft. Office, Relocates & Builds Out the New Facility in Portland, OR

Sphaera recently helped a multinational corporation decommission its 80,000 sq. ft. office space, engineering lab & data center in Portland, OR, relocate critical services to a smaller location and complete custom fit-up/build-out of the new facility. The project involved migration of apps, secure data destruction, custom fit-up and more.

Download to learn:

1. Intricacies and interdependencies in facility decommission, relocation and new build-out.

2. Services provided that ensured a successful data destruction and e-cycling.

3. Structural engineering evaluations and vendor selection considerations.

4. Considerations involved in relocation of critical

Hippa Hitech
IT Infrastructure Solution
IT Infrastructure Services

Iceland Data Suite Decommission Case Study

Why Sphaera?

The level of sophistication that is required to successfully complete decom projects is way more convoluted than the physical element we are talking about but that’s what constitutes success for customers.

The difference that Sphaera offers, and where we have seen tremendous success, is coming in  and talking to the customer early on about what they are doing from a business perspective. We take a more consultative approach: are you moving to the cloud, are you moving across town, are you downsizing, are you expanding? And really, our value proposition is helping our customers throughout their journey, safely, without downtime… production applications, development environments, and the whole nine yards.

What Sphaera really offers is trust and risk mitigation.”

Jon Billow

CEO, Sphaera, Inc.

The Sphaera Difference

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