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5 Things Enterprises Need to Know When Selecting a Data Center Provider

Enterprises will have different levels of responsibility for IT and critical infrastructure depending on the needs of the business, the contract with the data center provider, and the availability of skilled IT staff. But regardless of the specific circumstances, all enterprises must ensure that the Engineer Furnish & Install (EF&I) process is done right the first time.


5 Things To Know Before You Decommission Your Data Center

While it may seem simple to tear out equipment, there are significant risks that must be accounted for when engaging in a data center decommissioning and migration project, including data breach of sensitive information, reputational damages and lost business, business continuity, uptime and impact on disaster recovery environment, as well as regulatory & compliance risks.

This white paper highlights some of the key lessons enterprise data center operators should know before decommissioning or migrating their data centers based on the experience gained from years of work with enterprises of all sizes.