Case Study

Sphaera Successfully Delivers High-speed Fiber Connectivity in Idaho

Sphaera helped an Idaho local municipality apply for and successfully receive federal grant funding to deliver High Speed Fiber Optic connectivity to an under-served area of the state. The only stipulation of the grant awarded was the requirement to have the connectivity established within 120 days. The scope included the installation of a completely new street-utility electrical service, a backup generator, backup batteries, fiber optic cable, network routing & security equipment, and a power conversion system to drive the equipment. This project was completed on time, on budget and exceeded the scope of redundant critical infrastructure requirements.

Sphaera Decommissions a 7,500 sq. ft. Data Suite in Iceland

Recently, Sphaera successfully completed decommissioning that comprised nearly all of the complexities that can be present in such a project; a host Data Center located on an island within the arctic circle, IT hardware and cabling removal, component-level inventory to affect return of leased assets and sale of owned assets, import/export and customs work for shipments bound for the US and to the UK, data sanitization and physical destruction, coordination of logistics via air and sea, restoration of leased space to original condition, inspection and return to landlord….all in 14 days.

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