Azure Migration For Improved Performance

Read how Sphaera Migrates Client’s Complex Data Architecture to Microsoft Azure cloud platform for Improved Performance & Cost ...

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Sphaera Remote Hands Services

Sphaera provides knowledgeable, experienced and credentialed staff (CompTIA+, Schneider DCCA, BICSI ICT) to provide cost-effective, mission critical Data Center infrastructure ...

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Resiliency and Fault Tolerance – What Do Enterprises Need From the Data Center?

Unplanned downtime is a serious challenge for enterprises. While many outages last only a few minutes and have a limited impact on performance, major outages can disrupt operations and result in ...

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Migrating the Data Center to the Cloud (or Back Again) – What Enterprises Need to Know

The past decade has seen the rise of the cloud. As enterprises re-evaluate the role of their on-premises or wholesale colocation data centers, many are decommissioning, consolidating, or migrating ...

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Getting the Most Out of Your IT Services Partner on Your Next Data Center Project

Getting the Most Out of Your IT Services Partner on Your Next Data Center Project Technology is vital to the day-to-day success of nearly all organizations. Enterprises rely on the applications, ...

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A Strategic Approach to Decommissioning the Data Center

As with any large change initiative, decommissioning an enterprise data center comes with inherent risks. Organizations can mitigate these risks and achieve significant organizational, financial, ...

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